Artisan woodworking

falegnameria-artigianaleThe passion for artisan woodwork has ancient roots.

Artisan woodworking

Let’s talk about 1947 when my grandfather, Giorgio, after an experience in a sophisticated carpentry among the most prestigious cabinetwork of Taranto, decides to undertake a craft joinery own.

The dedication and enthusiasm for this art has been passed on to my father Gilberto, who since the age was around in the workshop of six years family and not being able, in spite put hands on tools, was content to deceive the time cleaning it and looking closely at the work of what later became his teacher.

Today our artisan carpentry boasts an experience of 70 years, and although he spent a life of sacrifice,he is certainly reward of many satisfaction. Later I decided to continue the family business, I also fell in love with this art, after I graduated, and after 5 years of intense learning I set up in 2010, Zaccaria s.n.c. a company that owes everything to the tradition carefully handed down from father to son for three generations because basically I am sure of one thing:

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  “Hands work better machines”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Giorgio Zaccaria

Three generation have passed down the traditions of the past, and at the same time capable of meeting the more modern needs.



Internal and external fixtures, stairs, platforms, furniture, wood paneling and all that you can accomplish with the solid wood, Zaccaria executes it in the best way.

Kitchens made in rustic or modern style, faux brick, tiled also designed, rigorously crafted to have a unique cuisine, beautiful and built using the best materials on the market, complete with appliances from the best brands.

In addition to meeting the needs of private clients we have worked for big names of the Contract and of the water.

The constant commitment in identifying the best materials and precise workmanship make our creations unique, solid over time and beautiful forever.


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