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Parquet in legno

Wood Parquet

The home owners in ‘81% of cases, Italians choose the wood floor as a durable solution and investment result of a careful selection, which is expanding to the home: from the living room to the bathroom, to the kitchen. “Wooden flooring with a minimum thickness of 2.5 mm of the upper layer before laying”: this is the definition of parquet in EN 13756. Prior to its application do not even know what was meant exactly for parquet, fueling confusion between parquet and floors covered with a veneer, that is a thin sheet of noble wood or between parquet and laminate, which in the view feature a photograph of wood applied on a MDF support. The most common concerns regarding the purchase of wooden flooring mainly affect the choice of wood species, laying and maintenance, three arguments on which consumers very spess0 receive insufficient or misleading, which could damage both buyers and manufacturers . A few simple notions can be very helpful in choosing a product that fully corresponds to the characteristics of high quality. First, it is important that the buyer be sure to buy real parquet flooring, ie a wood flooring with a surface layer of hardwood of at least 2.5 mm thick before installation and that they have opted for a woody species suitable for its intended ‘ use. The “product”, which must accompany the parquet by law (Law 126/91-D.L.101 / 97 – Circ. Min. Att. Prod. 1/04) to the end consumer, contains important information to read carefully. Anyone who is thinking of buying a wooden floor must know about them in order to appreciate all its naturalness and great ability to furnish, characteristics which for centuries make it a valuable product. which species The pre-finished floors, that are already processed and ready for use, are products that meet with great consent for their high practicality and accuracy of machining. The doussiè is always in great demand. Dark woods, such as wenge, are especially privileged clients by architects. The classic wood that gives warmth to the rooms, is combined with modern environments, which are colder and technology. On the market it has also been incorporated colored essences, such as bleached oak, that is treated to obtain a lightening, or a darker coloring. Among the wood species of all time, however, there is a revival of natural oak.