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Products: Coffee table “Luras”


In this historical period of our activities, we decided to give life to our own line of furniture and accessories, which maintain, in all of them, all the values ​​and knowledge which is now part of our history.

And what better way to start than with the “Luras” coffee table?

The name chosen for this furniture is not random; It derives, in fact, the desire to commemorate a magnificent wild olive tree that is located in Sardinia, near the town of Luras, from which it takes its name. Its dimensions are very impressive, with almost 14 meters high and estimated his age could be over 3,000 years old and would reach even 4000. One thing is certain: the Sardinian have only the name, already just because the workers and the materials are all made in Apulia.

The style ch...

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Training, professionalism, passion: our windows

Often in our business we happen to work with other industry experts, with whom are born unique and constructive collaboration, as it was with the architect Giuseppe Laporta, who after participating in several training courses marked, he decided to design and build a building in Oria with the same standards of acoustic and thermal insulation impact and aesthetics learned so far.

Infisso in legno più tapparella a lamelle orientabili

 For the realization of external fixtures and internal fixtures prorio chose to entrust this task to us. The Zaccaria wooden creations has been for years that is committed to maintaining a high quality standard to deliver superbly crafted wooden frames, with a very low noise and low thermal transmittance impact.

Outside of wooden window frames they have been applied for steel insulated shutters with...

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A PARQUET is forever

Parquet in legno

Wood Parquet

The home owners in ‘81% of cases, Italians choose the wood floor as a durable solution and investment result of a careful selection, which is expanding to the home: from the living room to the bathroom, to the kitchen. “Wooden flooring with a minimum thickness of 2.5 mm of the upper layer before laying”: this is the definition of parquet in EN 13756. Prior to its application do not even know what was meant exactly for parquet, fueling confusion between parquet and floors covered with a veneer, that is a thin sheet of noble wood or between parquet and laminate, which in the view feature a photograph of wood applied on a MDF support...

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