Training, professionalism, passion: our windows

Often in our business we happen to work with other industry experts, with whom are born unique and constructive collaboration, as it was with the architect Giuseppe Laporta, who after participating in several training courses marked, he decided to design and build a building in Oria with the same standards of acoustic and thermal insulation impact and aesthetics learned so far.

Infisso in legno più tapparella a lamelle orientabili

 For the realization of external fixtures and internal fixtures prorio chose to entrust this task to us. The Zaccaria wooden creations has been for years that is committed to maintaining a high quality standard to deliver superbly crafted wooden frames, with a very low noise and low thermal transmittance impact.



Outside of wooden window frames they have been applied for steel insulated shutters with adjustable slats, so you can use them as classic shutters, resealing the bags by winding into Edilcass also insulated compartment, without having an external dimensions due to the traditional shutters . This, however, has made it possible not to have to give up quality of a Persian, of which they have kept all the advantages as a controlled aeration during the summer and a brighter light but still subdued when palpelle are open and the shutter is completely lowered . Also they have been equipped with electrical winding is controlled by a switch with remote control making it comfortable, functional and aesthetically very valid.

Porta-finestra in abete lamellare certificata

Doors certified laminated fir



In the installation it has been paid close attention to all the factors that could make a compartment in certified wood frame as perfect can be. They were used for the laying specific patented silicones for our situation; polyurethane foams to isolate the gap that inevitably created between the wooden window frame and the wall, and finally were interrupted all any thermal bridges that may exist between the outer facade and the interior of such as marble jambs that they used in the past tended to apply to the whole thickness of the wall, incorporating the frame and ensuring the passage of the external temperature inside the dwelling.


All this work, our desire to maintain a high quality to provide a unique product of its kind after manufacture and in this case the co-operation with the architect Laporta, have ensured the success of the project and the certainty of not scoring simple fixtures certificates, but the real works of art, just because, as St. of Assisi Francis “who works with his hands is a laborer, who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman,but those who work with hands, head and heart is an ARTIST “and we three things we put in everything we do.

porte scorrevoli in legno